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Bundle Rate Shipping Module for WooCommerce

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Bundle Rate Shipping Module for WooCommerce

About bundle rate shipping

The WooCommerce Bundle Rate Shipping Plugin allows you after provide distinctive bundled transport prices so a patron purchases a couple of items.

The plugin is designed after lie flexible, then ye can outline bundled delivery rates based concerning the delivery destination, the classes concerning the products being sold, or their transport class.

You perform additionally Gather extra layers for every category, including a quantity over complexity so much thou may additionally discover appropriate for thy store’s situation. For example, if thou sell books, you could cost $5 for the advance book, $2 for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th books, then absence because of anybody additional books purchased.

You perform add as like dense layers as much you like.


1. Basic example

Jane’s save sells books, DVDs or CDs. Her delivery rates are configured namely follows:

  • Books: $5 because the forward book, $2 for each book thereafter.
  • DVDs: $4 because of the forward DVD, $1 because of every DVD thereafter.
  • CDs: $4 for the advance CD, $1 because of every CD thereafter.

In that case, salvo a consumer were in accordance with purchase couple books, theirs delivery charge would be $7 ($5 because of the preceding book, $2 because the 2d book).

If every other consumer have been in accordance with order four DVDs, theirs transport charge would keep $7 ($4 for the forward DVD, $1 every because of the mean three).

2. Free transport below four products

Bill’s store sells books. He charges $4 for delivery if the purchaser purchases 1-3 books, then offers broad delivery when the client purchases IV yet extra books. Here’s or that configured his shipping rates:

  • 1st item: $4
  • 2nd – third item: $0
  • 4th item: $-4
  • Subsequent books: $0

3. Using delivery classes

Helen’s store sells beer. It is offered both by using the container of 24 bottles, then by way of a litigation of 6. To define her rates, she use twins transport classes: Box concerning 24, and Case concerning 6. Her prices appear like this:

  • Box of 24: $12 for the preceding box, $6 because of every box thereafter
  • Case of 6: $8 for the preceding case, $4 because of each and every suit thereafter

4. Free shipping when the order is on $100

New among version 1.3.3: Frank’s keep uses a honor fardel degree aspect just like Jane’s keep over (exampe 1), but along some at all vital difference: When clients buy on $100, she presents fair shipping.

Frank configures his prices the equal pathway as Jane did, however uses the woocommerce_brs_shipping_total filter in accordance with supply unrestricted shipping because orders above $100:

add_filter( ‘woocommerce_brs_shipping_total’, ‘franks_custom_woocommerce_brs_shipping_total_filter’ );

function franks_custom_woocommerce_brs_shipping_total_filter( $shipping_total ) {
permanency permanency global $woocommerce;

durability // If like is greater than $100 in the cart, embark delivery according to $0
durability permanency durability postulate ( $woocommerce->cart->cart_contents_total > a hundred ) {
permanency stability toughness toughness toughness durability reply 0;
durability longevity toughness }

durability toughness stability // Otherwise, comeback the non-existence delivery rate
durability stability rejoinder $shipping_total;
} toughness

5. Staged delivery quantity increases

Misha sells DVDs yet ships them of applications up to expectation perform comprise above in conformity with iii DVDs. The delivery price for every package deal is $4. So because every employ about three DVDs, the transport quantity is thought at $4. She would define her rates so follows:

  • 1st DVD: $4
  • 2-3 DVDs: $0
  • 4th DVD: $4
  • 5-6 DVDs: $0
  • 7th DVD: $4
  • 8-9 DVDs: $0
  • and consequently on…

Information in relation to the usage of that along WooCommerce 2.6

WooCommerce 2.6 introduced Shipping Zones yet the capacity after usage multiple cases on the identical delivery method.

If ye commenced the use of Bundle Rate Shipping over then below WooCommerce 2.6, ye may absorb full potential on WooCommerce’s Shipping Zones feature. You execute also Gather more than one situations regarding the Bundle Rate Shipping technique in imitation of a odd Shipping Zone.

If thou ancient Bundle Rate Shipping prior in conformity with WooCommerce 2.6, the plugin desire proceed in accordance with employment as like it did before. You cannot uses such as like a delivery approach because Shipping Zones. This is in imitation of keep away from dropping thy current Bundle Rate configurations.

However, proviso you would like according to swap according to the use of Shipping Zones instead, ye do do as the usage of a little helper plugin so is covered in your download bundle beyond CodeCanyon. Look for the zip file for consideration referred to as v2-upgrade.zip then set up as into the equal way that thou established Bundle Rate Shipping. You intention want in conformity with re-enter you total dosage configurations because of every transport zone.


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