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Easy Digital Downloads All Access

Sell “All Access” memberships in imitation of your customers consequently they may down load anybody product.

Increase thine profits with the aid of promoting All Access memberships – who assign you clients an extremely accelerated experience. All (or simply some) about you store’s products desire keep correct at thy customers’ fingertips so she necessity them. After buying a membership, they without a doubt bole among or start downloading products. Your customers embezzle more than they otherwise would have, and additionally arrive more because their money – each person wins.

When thy customers buy an All Access Pass, they perform bole within or browse thy website online because of products they’d kind of according to download. Instead of forasmuch the normal “Buy Now” button, they’ll see a “Download” button between its place. No more scrolling via long, un-searchable “purchase history” pages. Your merchandise are in the meantime laid-out superbly on thine website and WordPress has built-in inquire functionality. All Access places as to labor via letting you customers download directly beyond each product’s sales page.

This makes for an amazingly easy consumer experience now looking because a unique production beyond you store. In seconds, she may search, find, and download besides desiring after grant anything additional. They can download anything he want, each time they necessity – then ONLY where those want. This makes it simple, easy, and useful in conformity with your customers.


  • Set duration of get right of entry to (any era length, out of endless under in conformity with a individual day)
  • Allow endless downloads or set down load limits (for example, 1 down load care of day/week/month/year)
  • Allow get entry to after every products yet control by category(s)
  • Allow get admission to in imitation of particular value versions only
  • Modify bypass settings on a customer-by-customer basis
  • Create unbounded “tiered” passes. For instance “Gold”, “Silver”, or “Bronze” get admission to levels.
  • Restrict content (like embedded videos/text) of someone page, post, then product.
  • Allow merchandise in conformity with be bought one-by-one AND sell All Access.
  • All Access Only passion consequently products can ONLY stand downloaded the usage of an get right of entry to pass
  • Accept promptly renewals
  • Upsell to All Access along some purchase button.
  • Show “Login” link by anybody manufacture (useful because present All Access customers)
  • Tool in conformity with vary prior-to-installed purchases within All Access Passes
  • Shortcode as suggests anything after humans WITHOUT an All Access Pass (useful for income info)
  • Shortcode as only displays products the customer do download the usage of theirs All Access Pass
  • Shortcode which tells customers every of their All Access Pass details (downloads left, etc)
  • Discount Codes: require a valid All Access membership because specific discount codes in conformity with lie used.

Integrations with ignoble EDD extensions

  • EDD Recurring: Sell auto-recurring access memberships
  • EDD Software Licensing: Sell “Master Licenses” which labor for all merchandise yet lets in pro-rated upgrades
  • Frontend Submissions & EDD Commissions: Split the earnings beside All Access fairly amongst Shop vendors.

Integrations including lousy WordPress plugins

  • Restrict Content Pro (RCP): Migrate your contributors yet their subscriptions out of RCP to All Access within a singular click

Duration periods

An All Access Pass wish expire at the day end you choose. When a customer’s All Access Pass expires, it won’t remain in a position according to download somebody more merchandise until it renew such by way of re-purchasing. This opens the door according to ordinary income namely customers aren’t simply paying because thine files – however additionally the convenience about using thy website. They do uses your internet site kind of a utility “cloud” force which saves them stiff drive space yet goes with to them everywhere. This ease-of-use makes paying a ordinary rate worthwhile. If you want after routinely accept recurring payments out of your All Access patron (as opposed in conformity with making them manually repurchase each period), take a look at outdoors the EDD Recurring extension. It flawlessly pairs with All Access.

Limit All Access in conformity with specific products

By default, All Access gives get admission to to entire merchandise in the store. However, you perform limit an All Access Pass so so much it gives the patron access after simply a specific category about products, yet even precise production variations.

Sell Membership Levels

This also makes it possible to sell membership “levels”. For example, thou may want to effect 3 All Access Products known as “Gold”, “Silver”, then “Bronze”. Then ye could put in the “Bronze” product in imitation of solely hand over access in imitation of “small” production variations, “Silver” in imitation of give get admission to after “medium” production variations, and “Gold” in conformity with commend access in accordance with everything. Customers do then select the membership stage as works superior because of to them and theirs budget.

Download limits

If you’d like in accordance with monitoring the quantity of downloads the customer do utilizes by day, genuinely unite the quantity when developing the All Access Pass product. When the patron uses above their downloads care of day, those intention no longer remain in a position after down load anything else to that amount day. You be able government theirs downloads of daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly periods.

Restricted embedded content

If ye necessity prevent the viewable content material of some page, post, or production hence as solely you valid participants may argue the content (like embedded videos or text), All Access does so so well. It includes easy-to-use shortcodes which ye do pack round embedded content then so much only valid members be able try it.

The content restriction shortcode built-into All Access goes lots further than genuinely proscribing content in accordance with you valid members. It also improves the person ride via smartly outputting a login form along the buy button (only so needed – salvo the person is logged out). Your present individuals won’t hold in imitation of run hunting for login varieties and non-members perform without problems buy access. Once he bear purchased yet logged in, the restrained content is unlocked therefore it can try it.

Examples on how many All Access ought to stay used

Just in regard to every Digital Shop ought to significantly gain beyond the use of this extension. Here are a not much so lie out:

– Photographers selling theirs personal pictures – Stock media websites – Multi-vendor marketplaces – Royalty-Free media websites – Websites selling software – Video apartment websites (like mini-Netflix sites) – Music learning websites – Online coaching web sites – Selling publications – Band/Artist websites (VIP content) – Selling eBooks or audio books – Selling sheet music, quilting instructions/templates, PDFs, etc.

Photographers selling theirs very own photos

Selling photographs features a whole latter incomes opportunity with the ecosystem provided via EDD All Access. As a photographer, now thine clients can uses thine website kind of a “cloud” – logging among yet downloading photos whenever they necessity and paying you each month because of get right of entry to in conformity with thine photo files. The convenience (searching, organization, etc) furnished by way of thy internet site will lie well virtue the charge after clients whoever need thy photos. Plus, clients whoever might bear only purchased 1 yet 2 photos bear the alternative in accordance with give extra than those might bear otherwise, while getting an extremely extended ride or access in accordance with path more photos.

Royalty-Free media websites

The identical benefits up to expectation Photographers come be able be applied in imitation of someone type over media wight sold. Whether ye promote music, sound effects, video clips, then someone sordid kind over downloadable file, thy clients get that identical “cloud” journey as ability they don’t necessity after clutter over theirs very own hardrives including documents it would possibly want because of a project. Instead, that actually bottom within thy internet site yet download what that need, when it want it. Your site may turn them within a recurring customer then your customers find a tons elevated experience. It’s a win-win state of affairs because of both thou and you customers.

Stock websites/multi-vendor marketplaces

All Access is Faithful because “Stock” market web sites along hundreds about photos, songs, videos, graphics, or files beyond exceptional vendors. Because concerning the integration along the EDD Commissions extension, splitting above a customer’s All Access Payment is treated automatically. By only paying commissions after companies whose products were definitely downloaded with the aid of the customer, thou intention entice excessive attribute vendors who consistently perform enormous products – yet clobber oversea providers just searching after edit effortless money. You won’t be paying companies unless it really accumulate virtue in accordance with you digital shop.

Large bundles

With a odd click, any over your store’s classes can become “bundles” to that amount are because of sale. For example, a song website ought to promote an whole “Songs” class as much a bundle. You don’t need in accordance with re-upload manufacture archives then you bundles be able have an endless number concerning documents between them.

Video rentals

Websites selling video rentals, video tutorials (like, track lessons, yet somebody lousy type regarding limited video content material are less complicated than ever. By the use of the covered shortcodes according to accomplish embedded video content material reachable solely in conformity with active, paying, All Access customers, ye be able sell get admission to to you already-hosted movies into minutes.

Integrations along mean EDD extensions

Powerful integrations hold been made along the predominant EDD extensions after unfold astonishing current probabilities because of your digital shop.

Sell recurring All Access passes together with Recurring Payments

All Access has seamless integration together with the EDD Recurring Payments extension, permitting thou in imitation of sell All Access Pass memberships that mechanically renew when the customer’s computerized subscription payments occur in.

Split earnings earned beyond All Access pretty via Commissions

If you digital store has products out of deep specific Vendors then you necessity in conformity with deliver tidy commissions in conformity with them, the All Access extension additionally integrates along the EDD Commissions expansion in accordance with flawlessly compute a fair, weighted fee based over which Vendor’s merchandise the consumer selected after download with theirs All Access Pass. See how much such works.

Sell master licenses through Software Licensing

Sell Software or utilizes the EDD Software Licensing extension? It completely integrates like as like properly – allowing ye according to promote All Access Licenses. That means your customers can purchase a alone approve to that amount works because of entire over your products or ye don’t need according to alternate a alone tier concerning code. When the All Access Pass expires, therefore does the approve key. This is also huge because Bundles of software up to expectation want according to piece a unaccompanied approve key.


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